About Centon

Founder and board member Gene Miscione established Centon in Southern California in 1978 as a distributor of electronics components. Centon grew to become one of the largest electronic distributors in the nation before shifting the focus to manufacturing. In 1990, the decision was made to redirect the company from the distribution of electronic components and systems into the manufacturing of memory solutions.

At Centon we strive to provide quality products, services and solutions that fit our customer’s needs. We are committed to keeping jobs and assembly in America. By offering flexibility, low priced solutions, customized products and supply chain management, Centon turns customers into partners. 

Centon's vision is to grow with its partners, increase its worldwide position as a manufacturer, incorporating the newest technologies into the company's product offerings, while maintaining the highest possible standards that have kept Centon strong since 1978.

Committed to Excellence Since 1978