Our Story

"Doing things differently since 1978"

Our Products

Centon’s core is our DRAM and Flash based product offering including memory modules, flash cards, USB flash drives and solid state drives (SSD). In recent years we have expanded our product selection to include accessories for popular portable devices.

Our Mission

Each day it is our object to provide service, innovation and quality in everything we do! We are committed to producing quality products and providing top notch services that aim to exceed customer expectations at every level.

Why Centon?

At Centon our focus is to create customer solutions rather than simply providing a catalog of products. By choosing Centon, you’re choosing quality, service and flexibility. So pick Centon and come join the family!

About Us

Centon was established in 1978 as a distributor of electronic components. In the 35 years since our inception we have expanded to become both a manufacturer and distributor of computer electronics and accessories for portable devices. Centon is a family owned business headquartered in Southern California.