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BOM Control

BOM level control can be insignificant or of the utmost importance depending on the use of a product in a specific application. For applications where quality is critical, Centon provides a fully controlled bill of materials solution. Key components in the product will remain absolutely consistent each and every time the product is manufactured ensuring repeatable consistency and quality.

Control Level
Control Details
Target User
Level A Form, fit & function Designed for end users to be used in popular consumer systems such as personal computers, digital devices and handhelds. These solutions are a cost-effective way to upgrade your personal device.
Level B Form, fit, function & settings Designed for end users, businesses and system integrators looking for consistent quality and performance when upgrading multiple devices or looking for higher performance specifications.
Level C PCB design, form, fit, function & settings Designed for system integrators and builders who require design consistency and control while getting the best price point for the solution being used. All components are controlled in a Level C solution except the DRAM or NAND in order to offer the best price point.
Level D PCB design, settings, components and attributes Designed for system builders who are looking for a fully controlled bill of materials (BOM) and the highest level of quality control.