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Functional Customization

Configured to suit your needs!

Functional customization allows you to get your products to operate just the way you need them. Be it a simple label on your next memory module order or a fully customized USB flash drive to resemble your newest product there are countless ways to make our products yours.

Content Load

Easily distribute your content with this practical and cost effective service. Save money on printing and distribute catalogs, presentations, videos and other marketing content to your contacts.

Data Encryption

Secure your data by adding encryption available via software or hardware. .

Custom Settings

Customize your product settings such as product name, ID and more.


Customize your product with software based serialization.

Autorun Functions

AutoRun allows you to automatically launch your designated content with the user plugs in your device.

Volume Label

Name your device by assigning with this feature so your name appears when the device is plugged in.

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