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A small, fast memory holding recently accessed data, designed to speed up subsequent access to the same data. Typically used between a processor and main memory.
The property of a circuit element that allows it to store an electrical charge.
Column address strobe is the signal which tells the DRAM to accept the given address as a column address. It is used with RAS and a row address to select a bit within the DRAM.
CAS before RAS. Column address strobe before row address strobe. A refresh technique in which the DRAM keeps track of the next row it needs to refresh
Check Bits
Extra data bits provided by a module to support ECC.
Chip Scale Package
A type of ball grid array in which the package is roughly the size of the die
Chip Select
Chip select (CS) is the name of a control line in digital electronics used to select one chip out of several connected to the same computer bus usually utilizing the three-state logic. In short, the chip select is an input-enable switch. "ON" means the device responds to changes on its input pins (such as data or address information for a RAM device), while "OFF" tells the device to ignore changes in the state of its input pins.
Chip Set
One or more chips on a motherboard that control the data flow between the processor, memory, and the other components of the system.
Cas Latency: Column Address Strobe (CAS) latency, or CL is the delay time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a particular memory.
Clock Rate
The number of pulses emitted from a computer's clock in one second. It determines the rate at which logical or arithmetic gating is performed in a synchronous computer.
Cache on a stick. Coast modules are used to upgrade a motherboard's L2 cache and Tag memory on some socket 7 and older motherboards.
Chip on board. A system in which semiconductor dice are mounted directly on a PC board and connected with bonded wires or solder bumps. The dice are usually mechanically protected with epoxy.
Part of the memory array. A bit can be stored where a column and a row intersect.
Compact Flash
A small flash memory module. The memory chips are enclosed in a plastic case and retain data after they are removed from the system. The most common uses for these are in pagers, handheld computers, cell phones, digital cameras, and audio players.