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Double data rate is a type of SDRAM in which data is sent on both the rising and falling edges of clock cycles in a data burst. It is usually referred to as DDR as opposed to DDR SDRAM.
An individual rectangular pattern on a wafer that contains circuitry to perform a specific function. Die are encapsulated to form the black chips that are then placed on a module
Dual inline memory module. A module with signal and power pins on both sides of the board (front and back).
Direct Memory Access: a method of data transfer.
Dynamic random access memory. A type of memory component used to store information in a computer system. "Dynamic" means the DRAMs need a constant "refresh" (pulse of current through all of the memory cells) to keep the stored information. (See also RAM and SRAM.)
Dual Banked
A memory module with two banks or rows. See Bank.
Type of RAM (random access memory). To keep data in the DRAM, this data needs to be "refreshed" (recharged). The electric charge fades out of a DRAM like air seeps out of a balloon. Because of this change, it is called "dynamic."