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Fine pitch ball grid array is a die package with a fine pitch ball arrangement on the underside of the package (larger than CSP).
Fixed Disk
A non-removable hard disk such as is found in most computers. Programs and data are copied to and from the fixed disk.
Flash Card
A small flash memory module. The memory chips are enclosed in a plastic case and retain data after they are removed from the system. The most common uses for these are in laptops, pagers, handheld computers, cell phones, digital cameras, and audio players. There are several different form factors of flash cards, including Compact Flash, SmartMedia, PCMCIA, and Small Form Factor Flash Card.
Flash Memory
Flash memory is a non-volatile memory device that retains its data after the power is removed.
Fast page mode - A feature used to support faster sequential access to DRAM by allowing multiple accesses to the currently open row to be made after supplying the row address just once.
Front Side Bus
The main highway for data in a PC. It connects the processor, chip set, DRAM, and AGP socket. FSB is described in terms of its width in bits and its speed in MHz.
See Front Side Bus.