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L1 Cache
Level 1 cache. A small cache integrated in a processor that provides quick access to the most recently used data.
L2 Cache
Level 2 cache. L2 cache has the same purpose as L1 cache, but is usually not integrated into the processor. L2 cache is traditionally made of SRAM and in socket 7 and older motherboards was in some cases upgradeable. See COAST
Latency (also called CAS Latency)
The amount of time in nanoseconds (often measured in clock cycles) between a request to read the memory, and when it is actually output. SDRAMs are typically referred to as CL2 or CL3, with CL2 parts being faster.
The official name for the metal "feet" on an IC. Also called "pins." The part of the lead assembly that is formed after a portion of the lead frame is cut away. The chip's connection to the outside world.
Longer outline dual inline memory module. Sizing is 30mm height and 1.18 in or VLP (very low profile) .74in