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Synchronous dynamic random access memory delivers bursts of data at high speeds using a synchronous interface. Its is actually SDR SDRAM (single data rate SDRAM) but is usually used to referred to as just "SDRAM."
An element, such as silicon, that is intermediate in electrical conductivity between conductors and insulators, through which conduction takes place by means of holes and electrons.
Serial Presence Detect
An EEPROM on certain memory modules used to store and provide information to the system using the module.
Synchronous graphics RAM. A single port DRAM designed for graphics hardware that requires high-speed throughput such as 3-D rendering and full-motion video.
A reduction in die (chip) size. A reduction in the size of the circuit design resulting in smaller die sizes that increases the number of possible die per wafer.
Single inline module. Same as SIP except with a connector edge instead of leads.
Single inline memory module. A high-density DRAM package alternative consisting of several components connected to a single printed circuit board.
Single Banked
A memory module with only one bank or row. See Bank
Single inline package. A component or module that has one row of leads along one side.
Single layer Cell. Great for high performance, lower power consumption and fast write speeds.
Synchronous link dynamic random access memory. SLDRAM is a type of SDRAM that uses a multiplexed command bus allowing fewer pins to increase bandwidth and allow higher FSB speeds.
Small outline dual inline memory module. Smaller and thinner than standard DIMMs, SODIMMs are typically used in laptop computers. Sizing is 30mm height and 1.18 in or VLP (very low profile) .74in
Small outline J-lead package. A rectangular package with leads sticking out of the side of the package. The leads are formed in a J-bend profile, bending underneath and towards the bottom of the package.
Small outline Rambus inline memory module. SORIMMs have a smaller profile that standard RIMMs and are used in laptop computers and systems that have strict size requirements.