Why Centon

At Centon our focus is to create customer solutions rather than simply providing a catalog of products. By choosing Centon, you’re choosing quality, service and flexibility. So pick Centon and come join the family!

>> Service

Everyone at Centon takes an active role in the continuous improvement of the customer experience. In every process & department the customer is at the focus of our efforts. We keep customer service in house and do not sacrifice customer service for profits.

>> Flexibility

Centon is a privately held mid-size company with a strong financial backing. We are small enough to provide personal care and custom solutions but strong enough to handle large volume opportunities. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, we work with our customers on an individual basis to ensure the customer gets what they need.

>> Experience

Centon has over 35 years of industry experience. We have long term relationships with the major DRAM and NAND chip manufacturers as well as many international distributors & brokers. This mix allows Centon to bring the best priced solution to our customers. As well, it allows us to offer solutions long after they have gone EOL by the chip manufacturer.