What happens if I accidentally format my drive and lose the pre loaded content? 
Unfortunately Centon cannot replace lost, stolen or accidentally deleted content. Please exercise caution when adding and removing data from the drive.

How do I redeem the hologram serial # to save on future purchases? 
To learn more about the NASCAR Official Merchandise Hologram go

How do I find out if my favorite driver will be offered? 
Stay tuned! Centon plans to expand their line of NASCAR and driver branded products very shortly!

How do I load data on to the drive? 
This is just like any other USB Drive, it just looks a lot cooler! Drag, Drop, and delete files just like any other flash drive!

I can’t get the content to play on my computer, what program do I need to do so? 
As long as you have Quicktime you will be able to play all of the files (including audio)

What if the taillights on my NASCAR Flash drive don’t work? 
You could potentially have a damaged unit, please contact Centon technical support

What happens if I lose my cap or lanyard? 
Unfortunately Centon cannot replace lost USB Drive caps or Lanyards.