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SecurFlash Data Encryption FAQ

NOTE: Products with SecurFlash Data Encryption are discontinued.

Issues/Questions for SecurFlash Data Encryption flash Drive 
SecurFlash Software is powerful data encryption for your DataStick Pro USB flash drive! 
Ideal for personal and professional use, SecurFlash offers an easy-to-use solution for protecting any type of content on your DataStick. (SecurFlash installs and runs directly from the flash drive allowing you to work with your files on any PC.) SecurFlash features an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop file encryption and decryption - backed by industry-standard, powerful AES 256-bit encryption. A FIPS 140-2 certified version is also available for government or enterprise customers. SecurFlash uses tamper-resistant password protection that can defeat password guessing software attacks.

What is Encryption and how does it work? 
Centon’s Data Stick Secure Flash Drive uses Symmetric-key encryption. Symmetric-key encryption is based on a sophisticated algorithm developed to protect information stored on computers. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) uses keys that have as many as 256 different codes for each piece of information sent, be it letters, numbers, or pixels. What this means is, a computer hacker would have to try millions and millions of different code combinations before he'd even come close to guessing the one being used. Whenever the AES system is used, both computers—the hacking computer and your computer--must have the ability to code and decode information in this format which is nearly impossible. Centon's Data Stick Pro with Encryption utilizes the Symmectric Key Encryption format to prevent attacks on the end user's private information.

What do I do if I lose my password? 
All of our Data Stick Secure Flash USB Drives have a password reset option. There is a help document installed on each drive when shipped. In that document are instructions to reset your password.

When resetting your password- If you are able to give the correct answer to the hint question, you can gain access to your drive and your data will still be intact. If you are unable to remember your password after reviewing the hint the user has previously set you will be forced to reformat the drive. After reformatting and reinstalling the software and any content will be lost!

How do I know my data is encrypted? 
Once you have installed the software and set your password for the drive your drive is now encrypted. Meaning anything you drag and drop on to the drive will now be password protected and encrypted.

How do I delete files off my encrypted drive? 
Deleting files off your encrypted flash drive is the same as deleting them off your hard drive. It is as simple as selecting the single file or multiple files you wish to delete, right click the mouse button and select delete. Windows will ask if you are sure that you want to delete. Select yes if so, and they will be deleted.

Is this software compatible with MAC operating systems 
Unfortunately due to the difference in file structure for MAC OS and Windows OS this software is not compatible with a MAC. However there is software available for purchase for Apple computers that enables the user to run programs meant for Windows.

What is the difference between hardware encryption and software encryption? USB encryption software, although effective, is a software program like any other software program. As such, it can be hacked into the same way that computer games and windows programs are hacked every day. This hacking isn’t easy, but a well created software program does have the ability to be unlocked by skilled programmers. Hardware encryption is more secure but can cost up to 10 times as much as software encryption!

What happens if I format the drive on accident or on purpose? 
If you format the drive all of your data including the encryption software will be deleted. Centon recommends that you save the encryption software file on to your desktop so that in case you accidentally or on purpose format your drive you will be able to re install the software. Centon will not be able to send you a new copy of the encryption software per the disclaimer on the packaging and the website, so please be careful!

What is AES? 
AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard, in the simplest terms it is a format of encryption excepted by industry professionals world wide. If AES is the form of encryption being used, the people utilizing it can know it is using the most advanced and widely accepted form of encryption available.

Can I have some files Encrypted and some not? 
Yes you can! After you have finished the installation of the software, plug your drive into the computer and you will see what is on the drive. If you haven’t loaded anything on to the drive yet all you will see is the “Run Secure Flash” icon. Once you have entered the program everything you drag and drop is encrypted. Everything outside of the program is public, meaning it can be seen by anyone who accesses the drive so be careful! Make sure anything that is not in the secure flash folder is something you are ok with someone seeing should you misplace the drive or someone else gains access to it.