Memory Module Troubleshooting



1. Is your computer still booting? [Yes/No]

If you answered No the issue may not necessarily be related to memory however if you have just installed or replaced memory and the machine worked fine previously, try reverting to the old memory and see if the system will boot again. If the machine boots with the previous memory it is possible that you will need a BIOS upgrade or to configure your new memory in the BIOS configuration.

2. Is your computer running extremely slow? [Yes/No]

A slow down of your computer can be related to multiple things including memory. For example the longer a hard drive is in use and more data written the longer amount of time it takes the computer to find and access files. 

Applications that sit in memory are also culprits when it comes to computer slow downs. Remove any unwanted/unnecessary applications from starting with your computer or running constantly. If the problem persists, perhaps it is time to upgrade the size of your memory.

3. Is your computer reporting the correct amount of memory? [Yes/No]

Occasionally memory modules suffer a hardware malfunction and provide a reduced amount of memory than is advertised on the product. This can come from improper handling of the memory module (static/electric shock) or even from a faulty memory connector on the motherboard itself. If your computer is reporting an incorrect value try swapping your memory module into a different slot on the motherboard. If the computer still reports the same value then it is possible that the memory module needs to be replaced. Make sure to verify which module is showing the reduced size by either reviewing your BIOS configuration or by temporarily removing the other memory module and doing a process of elimination.

4. Frequent blue screens of death (BSOD)? [Yes/No]

Sometimes when a memory module suffers failures it can show itself through your operating system errors. When your operating system stores information in the memory and the memory becomes corrupted it will cause a system halt (lockup/crash) which requires to system to be rebooted to clear the memory. As the memory module degrades this will happen more often until replaced.