Recovery Tool

The utility in the following link should help to reset the drive back to normal working order.

Note: this tool performs a low level format, which will permanently erase any data stored on the drive.  Recovery of any data on the storage volume will not be possible following a successful low level format.  Please back up your files before proceeding.  (If your data is not visible by the operating system’s File Manager utilities, you may still be able to recover your files with commercially available data recovery software.)


  1. Safely Remove and unplug all USB storage drives (safety measure to prevent errant format/loss of data)
  2. Download the file to your local drive, then unzip it.
  3. Temporarily disable your Anti-Virus software, as some users have reported that it prevented the Recover Tool from operating properly.  Remember to re-enable the Anti-Virus software once this procedure is complete.
  4. Double click the exe file to run the program
  5. Plug in the USB flash drive that you want to fix; the drive ID will show under "Control Disk"
    1. Shown in the below image as drive letter I: (your system may show a different drive letter)
  6. Click Recover; you will see processing bar under 'Status"; when it is finished, it will show success or fail information.
    1. if it shows success, safely remove the drive, disconnect from the USB port, wait a few seconds, then re-plug the drive;
    2. if it shows fail, submit for warranty claim – more information below;
  7. Windows should prompt that the drive needs formatting.  This is normal.  Windows needs to re-create a file system on the storage volume to prepare the drive to store data.  Click OK to proceed with format; the default options should be fine.  Make sure the option for ‘Quick format’ is left unchecked.
    1. If Windows does not automatically prompt to format the drive when reconnected to the USB port, open your ‘My Computer’ window and right-click the drive letter for the USB flash drive, then left click on ‘Format’; again, the default options should be fine.  Make sure the option for ‘Quick format’ is left unchecked.


If both the low level format and the Windows format are successful, your drive should now be restored to normal working order.


If either of the format options fails, please Contact Customer Care for warranty claim.