How do I recover my data

Storing data safely is the most important function of a USB drive, but when small errors prevent you from reaching that data it can become pretty frustrating! Don’t worry though; you should be able to recover all of that valuable information fairly easily. While we can’t guarantee you will recover the information lost, we will do our best to help you get everything back. There are a number of applications specifically designed to help you retrieve lost data. There isn’t a one fix solution however, and there are some that will succeed where others might fall short. So don’t give up if one doesn’t work, because it may be as simple as trying a new software program.

While you could go ahead and search for these types of programs all over the web, we decided to put together a list for you of quality programs you might want to try. In this diverse set of programs you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that meets your needs. We have grouped them as programs that require purchase, offer trialware and/or have limited function until the software is purchased, and of course those that are free!


Windows Platform
Piriform Recuva - Download link#1 - Download link#2 - Software review article

Pandora Recovery - Download link

EaseUS Deleted File Recovery - Download link

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - Download link

EaseUS Partition Recovery - Download link

Active@ File Recovery - Download link

Active@ Partition Recovery - Download link

QueTek File Scavenger - Download link

QueTek Disk Recoup - Download link

Zero Assumption Recovery - Download link

Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery - Dowload link

Mac Platform
Disk Drill by CleverFiles - Download link

Alsoft DiskWarrior - Download link - software review link

Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery - Dowload link

Linux Platform
Autopsy Forensic Browser - Download link


*NOTE: The applications listed are to help you locate suitable software, however Centon is not able to provide any form of technical support for the recovery software listed.


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