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How do I request an RMA?

We are committed to building the highest quality product possible. No matter how hard we try though, we aren't perfect and there are occasions that you will need a replacement. We will work with you to make this as quick and easy a process as we possibly can.

We ask that before going straight to a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), please utilize our knowledge base to search for issues and resolutions to your problem. The vast majority of issues can be solved with the information right here at your fingertips! Of course if we are unable to solve your problem we will be happy to help you get a replacement part.

The fastest method for a replacement part is if you have purchased your Centon product at a local retail establishment and the purchase is within that retail store’s return policy, it is recommended that you exchange or return the product directly to them. This will get you a replacement product in the fastest time possible.

Of course returning your product to a retail location may not always be an option. The biggest problem that comes to mind is if you purchased your memory product through an online retailer. Don’t worry though; we are happy to help you directly! If you believe that you have exhausted all of the resources available and are still unable to produce a working product then please click the Email button below and submit a ticket into a our system. Once reviewed by the Centon Support staff we will send you the instructions to receive an RMA and begin the process of replacing your product.

When submitting an RMA, Proof of Purchase is only required when replacing large quantities of product.

Please do not return product without obtaining an RMA beforehand. Unauthorized returns may be rejected and returned to the sender.