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Centon Electronics has spent decades refining our approach to supporting the OEM and System Integrator channels. We possess a deep understanding and appreciation for your business requirements and do everything possible to ensure continuity of supply, and a broad portfolio of high quality products to suit your needs.

We realize that as the array of potential applications grows and accelerates, the team at Centon Electronics must continually innovate in both processes and product offerings to ensure that we are positioned to support your business objectives without exception.

Our product portfolio is designed to meet the critical requirements of these diverse market applications, and we are well positioned with robust industry relationships in order to engage in custom solutions if needed. Ultimately our focus is to maintain a product line up, backed by process discipline, that fulfills your needs.

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BOM Management

PCN Management

Lifecycle Management

Quality & Reliability

BOM Management

BOM level control can be insignificant or of the utmost importance depending on the use of a product in a specific application. For applications where quality is critical, Centon provides a fully controlled bill of materials solution. Key components in the product will remain absolutely consistent each and every time the product is manufactured, ensuring repeatable consistency and quality.

PCN Management

Centon's unique PCN process ensures confidence in the controlled BOM solution. When a key component or attribute of a BOM changes, Centon Electronics will issue a new part number rather than revisions. This makes it easy for our customers to know when a change is made and removes the burden of PCN management.

Lifecycle Management

Centon Electronics realizes that multiple mission critical applications exist that require extended lifecycles and legacy component support. We specialize in supporting opportunities in these applications and have processes in place to facilitate long term supply continuity when required.

Quality & Reliability

Centon Electronics is committed to providing high quality and reliable DRAM and NAND Flash solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our approach to quality is focused on every aspect of the company’s supply chain.

The entire Centon Electronics team champions continuous process improvement in all aspects of the company, and we continue to employ a number of different methodologies and quality systems to ensure business continuity for our valued customers.  

Product Focus

Centon's product assortment is centered on our expertise in DRAM and NAND Flash technology and solutions. We offer a full assortment of standard and custom products for:

  • Solid State Drives

  • Memory Modules

  • Flash Memory Cards

  • USB Flash Drives

  • Custom Embedded Solutions