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Frequently Asked Questions

Storage and Function Troubleshooting

How does ReadyBoost work?

How do I format my flash device

Windows reports less memory than installed

How many photos/songs/movies/documents can I store?

How do I fix a Write Protect error? (Advanced version)

How to Partition a memory card or a USB drive

Caring for your Flash Memory

How to transfer files to/from my computer

How do I recover my data?

Recovery Tool

Common Problems and Solutions

How do I request an RMA?


User Manual for USB Flash Drive

Driver Signing warning using pre-installed proprietary USB storage drivers

USB Flash Drive Troubleshooting

Unable to copy large files to USB drive

USB drive not recognized - Troubleshooting

DataStick compatibility with TV, Blu-Ray, stereo, game console, etc.

Please Insert Disk error

Do Centon USB drives support Mac OS?

How to format USB drive with NTFS

Safely removing a Flash Drive

USB drive requiring permissions

Are USB3.0 drives backward compatible with USB2.0 computers & other devices?

Where do I find the P/N on a Data Stick Pro?

Inserting String Lanyard

How do I password protect my DataStick?

Additional information needed (USB)

What format is my USB flash drive

My drive is no longer recognized by my computer?

Unable to copy large files to USB drive

Can I get a replacement cap for my USB drive

Can I use my DataStick as a bootable USB device?

SD/Micro SD

SD Card Compatibility

Where do I place the MicroSD Card in my Smart Device

Windows XP cannot see SDXC (64GB or 128GB) card

SD/SDHC Flash Memory Cards FAQ

User Manual for SecurFlash Data Encryption

Memory card is out of memory

Reformatting Digital Media Cards

SecurFlash Data Encryption FAQ

Secure Digital Memory card is write protected or locked

How to insert the microSD card into the adapter?

SDXC card not recognized

Computer cannot read my SDHC card

I want to upgrade the Micro SD memory in my phone, what is the larger adapter for?

"SD Err" with SD card in my camera

Solid State Drives


Does my new SSD need to be formatted?

Corrupted/Lost MBR or partition

Why is my drive showing a smaller capacity than stated?

Paragon SSD migration software - Product Key

Memory Modules

Memory Module Troubleshooting

Upgrade your Memory to increase your computer's performance

Memory Installation

How to Install - Laptop Memory

Maximum Memory for my Computer

RAM Memory troubleshooting

DDR4 memory questions

Are there maximum RAM limitations for the operating system?

How to Install - Desktop & Server Memory

Compact Flash Cards

Compact Flash FAQ